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Small precision turned metal, turning of stainless steel alloys, titanium alloys and aluminium alloys and plastics turned from bar stock, automatic sliding head CNC lathes,
fixed head CNC lathes, processes on continuous operation horizontal and vertical 5-axis machining centres.

Our processes are used for the following products manufacture:
– dentists and dental implants articles

– orthopaedics and traumatology articles

– turned, ground and rolled metal shafts

– aircraft and aerospace components

– static and dynamic modelling elements

– petrochemical components

– high-tech turning

– small titanium parts

– high quality turned screws

– agro-food components

– nautical components

– pneumatic components

– long work pieces turning

– alternative energy, photovoltaic and wind components

– parts of general surgical instruments

– electronic components

– medical mechanical components

– micromechanics

– titanium and aluminium fasteners for motorcycle / cycle racing and custom



To integrate the traditional mechanical turning, if required, the company can take over the total or partial component management and the further production stages such as: grinding, heat treatment, electroplating, anodizing, polishing of stainless steel, piece marking by laser or tracing, small assemblages, chemical protection, protective dent-proof sheaths for sensitive products and packaging in neutral or customer’s box. For some processes we collaborate with companies of proven quality.

Relying on thirty years of experience and on new skills, the company can work together with the customers technical departments, with universities and with laboratories for the production of new mechanical components.

The continuous exchange of information aims to innovation, waste reduction, efficiency and production simplification.

The choice and any alternative among the various alloys that are well known nowadays on the market as the better to be turned from bar stock, the search for new materials that withstand to high temperatures of use or to highly corrosive environments including their proof test, the shared verification of tolerances required, that, if not necessary, raise the production costs, the opportunity to maximize the capabilities of CNC machine tools with bold geometries, as considered few years ago, and the total cooperation should be understood as a solution to a question. Have we done our best? Can we do something more? We think so and this is the message we want to convey: a modern, efficient, new interaction method between customer and supplier. This is the reason why we propose ourselves to the market not only as hired workers.



Bruschi can provide prototypes and pre-series batch in accordance with company’s technical departments that, in order to better manage their resources, have to check the sizing and to test the raw materials used, before to safely launch on the market a new product or even a single component assigned to us.
The collaboration we propose has the ultimate goal of sparing costs and time, all to the benefit of client companies.

Another important characteristic of the company is the ability to follow with scrupulous attention the diverse needs of the customer, thanks to a kind support that aims to a constant and positive interaction among technical parts.

In years we sample small batches with mutual success, even for manufacturers of turned small parts, which include multi-spindle lathes in their structure. In this case and as never before, both absolute confidentiality and professional reliability have opened to Bruschi new and interesting market niches.